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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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400,000 passengers daily across the bay area admits something is seario seriously wrong with its wheels. thank you for joining us. >> let's check in with mike with the forecast. >> good morning, everybody. here's a look at the fog that's developing from about petaluma to santa rosa half mile visibility there. 2 1/2 in half moon bay. it's not quite as thick along the east bayshore as it was yesterday where we had ride delays into oakland. here's your day planner for the bay. 61 this morning. foggy spots, hazy sunshine spare the air day. mid-80s at 4:00 and comfortable low 70s this evening. and looking at fog in the one oone corridor but cheer east bay. mid-80s by noon and mid90s at 4:00 and low to mid-80s during the evening. along the coast temperatures in the mid to upper 60s with in-and-out sunshine. sue? let's go to the san mateo
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bridge where traffic is floeing nicely from hayward to foster city. it's a bit busy but everybody is at the limit as you make your way to the high-rise and the san mateo side of things. elsewhere car speeding 90 to 100 miles an hour hit another car and the victim is onto the shoulder there but there is police activity south 101 before tully and apparently the suspect is over near cochran. be aware of that happening in the san jose area. this roadwork widening north and southbound 101 expect delays from pet ta lualuma to san jose police are investigating an early morning homicide. they say a woman around 40 years old and possibly homeless was found dead on the sidewalk near a burger king and a motel on north 15th street near commercial street. they say some people walking by saw her and called 911. no word whether the victim was stabbed or shot to death. police have two people of interest in custody right now
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and abc news reporter matt keller is on the scene and he'll have an update live coming up in the next half hour. and we also have breaking news from richmond. at 10:30 police responded to shots fire and they found a man in his 20s suffering from several bullet wounds. officers recovered at least one gun at the scene. the other gunman is still at large. we're awaiting a callback from richmond police. and breaking overnight from south africa, guilty. that's the verdict handed down to blade runner oscar pistorius just hours ago. a judge ruled he is guilty of culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. that is similar to manslaughter here in the u.s. >> reporter: this morning crowds cheered oscar pistorius left the courthouse free on bail until a sentencing hearing next month. the judge declared pistorius guilty of culpable homicide in
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the killing of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. >> i have used my discretion in favor of the accused. i grant the application to extend the bail of the accused. >> reporter: the judge also convicted the star on a firearm charge and acquitted him on two others. yesterday pistorius was found not guilty of the more serious charge of murder as the blade runner sobbed and the victim's family looked on the judge explained her decision. >> not enough to support such findings. >> reporter: south africans are stunned. >> you can see had the intention to kill looking at the circumstances. >> reporter: steenkamp a model had only been dating pistorius a few months before he shot and killed her on valentine's day last year. the prosecution argued he intentionally killed her after an argument. poips testi pistorius testified he thought she was an intruder calling the
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prosecution's explanation of the shooting baffling. the judge admitted pistorius was a poor witness. >> the person that i cared about. >> reporter: but noted it doesn't make him guilty of murder. we now know why b.a.r.t. trains have been shorter and more crowded recent-. the agency has been taking railcars out of service to fix a dangerous defect. amy hollyfield is live at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. >> reporter: some b.a.r.t. cars have detective wheels. the assistant general manager is calling this issue a serious problem. they started looking in to it when a wheel fell off of a moving train at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. so, they found defective wheels on 20 more of their cars. b.a.r.t. says the problem happened during the manufacturing process. and officials are working with the wheel company to try and get b.a.r.t. compensated but the whole issue has riders feeling nervous. >> it's already irritating when
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there are crowded cars especially at this time before 6:00 a.m. so it's unsettling to hear that there is damage to the wheels. b.a.r.t. has enough problems, they don't need any more. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. has fixed the wheel problem on 13 cars. 7 cars are still getting wheel repairs so they'll be out of service for another couple of weeks. b.a.r.t. is also in the middle of a rehabilitation project, they are pulling cars out to replace the seats and carpet and air-conditioning systems. so, there are fewer cars vabl. ridership is up, it all equals to crowded conditions that won't be going away anytime soon. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. new this morning the governor of nevada has signed a package of bills giving palo alto tesla motors a $1.3 billion tax break to build a new factory in that state. they announced the deal with
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elon musk last week, now after signing the package of bills last neat, sandoval said the deal with the electric car company changes the trajectory of nevada forever. tesla is promising thousands of jobs at the factory that will make batteries for its cars and it will be located 20 miles east of reno. support for the death penalty is falling here in california. it's now at its lowest point in 50 years. today's poll finds 56% of californians believe that capital punishment should still be used for serious crimes but 34% are opposed. support is down from a high of 83% in 1985. the new poll comes as california and other states nationwide deal with a shortage of drugs used for lethal injections. napa police have released recordings of 911 calls that came in during the 30 minutes after the earthquake that hit last month. it comes in response to a public records request from the abc 7
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news i-team. you can hear the fear and confusion residents felt moments after the quake hit. >> my house shook. >> we had an earthquake. do you have any injuries or damage to report? >> i don't know. i'm in the door. my son's here. my grandmother saiderly -- >> if you determine you have injuries or damage we have a lot -- >> i don't know! >> when you figure it out, call me back. >> some of the most dramatic calls came from fire victims at the napa valley mobile home park. the dispatchers showed grace under pressure calming frantic callers. >> i'll let the fire department know that you're there. but it's going to be a little bit before they can get out there. i want you to just -- i want you to take a deep breath and i want you to know it's going to be okay and we're going to be there, okay? >> i feel like i'm going to throw up. >> okay. i understand. you need to take deep breaths, okay? long, deep breaths. >> i can't even call my
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daughter. here phone doesn't work either. >> we have posted more of the 911 calls on our website officials at the college of ma rinl a ma rinl arin are investigating students who plotted to steal financial aid. they discovered students in the online classes shared the same address and phone number and withdrew after getting financial aid. the plot involves federal pell grants which don't require repayment and the scheme is called pell-running. it is 6:08 and a time to look at the weather forecast. >> the beaches are warm 62. 4 to 6 drotiegrees above averag. it's a spare the air day and here's a look at 101 and 880 in san jose where we'll have poor air quality and also inland east bay but all of us under the spare the air for the second consecutive day. you can see the fog not quite as
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thick as it was yesterday. that's going to allow the sunshine to get us up to about 2 degrees warmer than average in half moon bay at 68. 5 to 11 for the rest of us before the sunset. mid to upper 60s along the coast and mid-70s in san francisco and near 90 in the south bay, low to mid-90s in the north bay and mid-90s to 100 in the east bay. let's look at your drive times if you are heading out this friday morning. we're hoping for friday light. it's getting a little bit bunched up in the central valley but not too bad. tracy to dublin over half an hour. westbound 4 not too bad this morning antioch to concord and san rafael to san francisco looking at just about over 15 minutes. a live shot of san rafael as a matter of fact this is north sof past freitas parkway and up towards lincoln past the civic center traffic is looking good. we had a speeding car going speeds about 90 to 100 miles an hour south 101 before tully and
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it hit another car and both vehicles are within a half or mile or so on the side of the road and police activity so use extra caution. 6:10. new this morning the isis threat is it growing? the country's top spy makes a startling new admission about the militant group seizing power across iraq and syria. and a marlins' slugger gets hit in the face with a pitch. and abc 7 news now the emoryville camera showing you the traffic and it's kind of actually and the smaller pictures the golden gate bridge and richmond-san rafael bridge toll plaza.
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. good morning on this friday 6:13, let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge, all the work done on the bridge traffic heading into san francisco, looking okay. not a whole lot of fog. a little bit. it will be another warm day. new this morning a startling new assessment of isis. the cia now says the number of
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fighters in the militant group is tripled what was previously thought. there are anywhere between 20,000 and 31,000 isis fighters across syria and iraq according to cnn. previously it was thought there were only 10,000 isis fighters. a cia spokesman said the higher number is due to strong recruitment and this all comes after president obama promised on wednesday to dismantle and destroy the group. that will likely meanwhile air strikes in syria and iraq. in the meantime, the isis threat is now forcing australia to raise its terror threat level. the australian prime minister tony abbott said he's raising it from medium to high. stressing a terror attack is not imminent but there is intelligence that there are people who would like to attack australia. sarah palin is back in the headlines with reports of a bloody brawl involving the former vice presidential candidate and her family. it happened at a house party in
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anchorage. according to "the washington post" palin along with her husband and kids arrived in a stretch hummer. they were asked to leave the party after track palin attacked a party guest who had previously dated his younger sister willow. a guest at the party said he saw the whole thing. >> i heard sarah palin scream out "you know who we are, don't you?" it was like we were on a jerry springer episode. >> overnight sarah palin appeared on fox news's hannity show and she made no mention of this alleged altercation. the palin family could not be reached for comment. miami marlins all-star outfielder giancarlo stanton is out for the remainder of the season after getting hit in the face with a pitch. a chilling scene in milwaukee. brewers pitcher struck stanton flush in the face with an 88-mile-an-hour fastball in the fifth inning. stanton was hit under the left
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eye. blood poured from the wound. he was taken off on a stretcher and driven off in an blanks. he suffered facial damage and dental damage and needed stitches. he's the home run and reb lesca leader. word of a cover-up is surfacing regarding former governor schwarzenegger's pa portrait at the state capitol. apparently there's a problem with it. a "new york post" reports said a "new york post" reports said there's a smudge where a of maria shriver was removed. wine capital tour guide said the person that touched up the painting did not do a very good job. it just makes the story more interesting for the docents who lead the tours at the capitol. >> yeah.
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i'm sure they have a little bit to say about that until it gets fixed, of course. i'm sure it will get fixed. just like your portrait got fixed. >> airbrushed me all over the place. >> you look 21 in it. >> he's only 22. >> yeah. that's what i'm saying. all right, let's talk about -- >> lots of sporting events this weekend. give us some weather. >> let's go right to it. got a lot to talk about it in a little bit of time. 6:17, the winds are light and variable. and the marine layer is 1,100 feet this morning. how to dress if you are stepping out in the south bay. saratoga the coolest at 56. everybody else in the upper 50s to low skills but you start to get up into the hills 76 degrees in los gatos. up in the hills. 51 in novato. 51 in se bass to pool. everybody else in the mid-50s to mid-60s. and low 60s, danville, fairfield, brentwood. the warm spot lafayette. 63. coming into the city you can see
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we have some fog and a temperature of about 58 degrees. heat and unhealthy air lingers today. the heat will slowly ease and so will the poor air quality and all seven days of the forecast will be dry. here's a look at the cloud cover and most of the fog fades, so it will be hazy sunshine throughout the afternoon hours and pockets of sunshine at the coast. 60s and 70s there. the rest of us in the 80s and 90s. pretty close to yesterday. here we have 100 in gilroy and mid to upper 90s for morgan hill and gilroy. mid to upper 80s in the south bay. cupper tino 90. look at the temperatures in redwood city. mid to upper 60s along the coast and mid to upper 70s downtown. and 89, petaluma and everybody else low to mid-90s in the north bay valley. 80 at richmond and 82 at oakland. and how about mid-90s to near 100 in our inland east bay
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neighborhoods. we sweep the dodgers and we get a half game lead on them. we can shoot for something. 65 degrees 7:15. 61 by 9:30. definitely going to cool as you head throughout the game. let's talk about the seven-day forecast. let's start tomorrow a couple of degrees of cooling. and sunday about 2 to 4 degrees of cooling. same thing monday and tuesday and finally temperatures back to average on wednesday. and a few high clouds tomorrow. have a good weekend. here's sue. we're going to the bay bridge toll plaza and metering lights were turned on at 6:00 this morning and traffic stacking up but if you head to the left-hand side you might have a little less of a delay. not too bad this morning. speeding car pulled over, hit another car as well, southbound 101 before tully and police activity in the area there. getting busy, too, southbound 101 before state park. we have an accident in the right lane and it's only two lanes there. and westbound 80 coming off the
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cummings skyway we've got reports of a tesla that hit a deer and the deer is still in the roadway. the tesla is off to the side, so take extra care if you're in that area. >> thanks a lot. 6:20 now. the niners getting ready for the first ever regular season game at levi stadium. >> if you don't have tickets, it will cost a lot. we'll break down the price to attend the history-making game. the big picture san francisco international airport and then various approaches to the bridges here in the bay area. back with more news, weather and traffic right after this. hi, i'm henry winkler and i'm here to tell homeowners that are sixty-two and older about a great way to live a better retirement... it's called a reverse mortgage. call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like... how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money...and more.
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let's check in with amy roba robach. >> coming up this friday morning on "good morning america," a verdict for oscar pistorius. the former olympian convicted of culpable homicide. our reporter is live in south africa with the details on the decision and it's next on "gma." it's about to become tivo time. starting monday tim tebow will join as a contributor. the heisman trophy-win quarterback will be part of the show's new motivate me monday segment that highlights people and their stories of triumph. he's currently an analyst for
6:24 am
espn and the s.e.c. network. he led the denver broncos to the play-offs in 2012 and had brief stints with the new york jets and new york patriots. sunday is the first regular season game for the 49ers at levi stadium and fans are throwing down big bucks to be part of it. the game against the bears is sold out but you can find tickets online, of course, if you are willing to pay a 131% markup in some cases. average price on the web for a ticket is about $309 with standing room only going for 165 bucks. the nfl says levi's is the league's most expensive stadium experience. niners officials are the sod and traffic problems in the past. after an exhibition game fans said they baked in the upper deck. as part of his effort to raise money for a permanent korean memorial in san francisco, wally stewart will
6:25 am
make the swim in the alcatraz invitation. the race starts in the water in the island and ends at the hyde street peer. in the water with him, his grandson. stewart made the swim in the '70s and '80s and knows he's in for a serious challenge. >> it's the weather. if it's flat and calm on a scale of one to ten maybe a seven. if the tide doesn't work the way we think it's going to work or if the wind comes up or the fog comes in it could be a nine. >> if you'd like to give where you live we've added a link to the korean war memorial foundation on our website. 6:25. abc morning news continues at 6:30 with the day's top stories including breaking news. two navy fighter jets crash in the pacific ocean. and an all-out manhunt in the nation's heartland after a man convicted of shooting and killing fellow students at his
6:26 am
school escapes. and things go from bad to worse for nfl commissioner roger goodell as the ray rice fallout refuses to blow over. >> reporter: i'm matt keller live in san jose where a woman was found dead on a sidewalk. we'll tell you why police brought back several people to police headquarters this morning. here's a look at some of the cloud cover from our east bay hills camera. the cooling trend is coming this weekend but until then it will be another hot day with poor air quality. i'll have the latest coming up in your seven-day forecast. and i'm sue hall with a live look at walnut creek, southbound 680 and some brake lights as you make the turn at north main over towards highway 24 a little bit of slowing. a couple of problem spots. we got reports of a three-car accident that we'll be telling you about in pittsburg and we look at abc 7 news now live shots of the san mateo bridge and it looks like san rafael and fog over parts of san francisco. we'll be back in just a moment.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. it is 6:29 and we're starting you off with a beautiful picture of lake tahoe.
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the sun just beginning to rise there in the east. but as you can see the lake's pretty low and that's as a result of the drought here in california. it's like that a lot of places. thank you for joining us. we'll feel the scorching sun again with temperatures soaring, mike. >> we'll be above average everywhere even at the coast. a couple of degrees there to up to possibly 10 to 11 degrees. do have fog tracking for you during your morning commute. watch out on 101 from san francisco to petaluma. it clears up around novato and all the way through san francisco. we've got four miles in half moon bay. remember how foggy it was at the golden gate bridge and it's starting to get that way as the fog is lowering. watch out. that will get dicey through the next hour or so. we'll be in the mid-80s at noon to mid-90s at 4:00 and mid-80s at 7:00 inland. comfortable mid-70s during the 7:00 and the mid-60s for the
6:31 am
better part of the day at the coast. let's check the commute. the golden gate bridge shot right there traffic is flowing nicely. however, in the northbound direction that toll plaza has been removed and you'll find traffic down to about two or three lanes this afternoon. it will probably be a bottleneck. to san jose we go live. here it is at the 880, 17 overcrossing and the headlights snaking in the northbound direction. here's the big problem westbound 4 three cars got into it before bailey partially blocking a lane here. slow traffic will be bunching up as you make your way from antioch towards pittsburg. and the accident on tully cleared out of lanes. >> thanks so much, sue. we have breaking news out of san jose where police are investigating an early morning homicide. it's a story we first brought you at 4:30 this morning. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is talking to investigators and
6:32 am
joins us live. matt? >> reporter: homicide detectives arrived an hour ago and they are making sure they collect all the evidence they need in this case. they have two people of interest in custody. police say a woman around 40 years old and possibly homeless was found dead on the sidewalk around 2:30 this morning near the burger king and the white way motel on north 15th street. they say people walking down the street saw her and called 911. >> it's just trauma. it's trauma and there's blood. and we can't get a good look at the body. she's wearing clothes so we don't know if there are any stab wounds or gunshot wounds. we just know that she has trauma. >> reporter: we saw at least one person taken away in hand cuffs. one of the two persons of interest. investigators also say they are interviewing a couple of witnesses back at their headquarters. several homeless people were in the area at the time police arrived at the scene.
6:33 am
they say those people are cooperating. police have north 15th street blocked off between charles and commercial streets. they say that they're going to be out here for several more hours. reporting live in san jose, matt keller abc 7 news. >> thank you. breaking news from the pacific ocean this morning. abc news is reporting two navy fa-18 fighters have crashed into the pacific ocean. the navy says they went down at 5:40 p.m. local time. early reports say one fighter pilot has already been rescued but a search is continuing for a second pilot. the fa-18 fighters were coming from the "uss carl vinson" and it set sail for the western pacific and the middle east from san diego county three weeks ago. the carrier was operating in an area off guam. other than that we don't have a specific location. we'll continue to follow the story and have updates on twitter. a shooting victim is fighting for his life this morning at san francisco general hospital. the victim in his 20s was found
6:34 am
near the hospital around 8:30 last night. he'd been shot several times in the upper body. around the time the victim was located, officers got reports that shots had been fired a bit earlier on the 500 block of ellsworth street. police are investigating whether those two incidents are related. there were more gunshots in san francisco last night just after 10:00, shots were fired near the intercontinental hotel on howard street. that's where president obama often stays when he visits town. at least two cars were hit by gunfire. police began escorting guests into the hotel for their own safety. so far there are no confirmed victims or suspects. new this morning ohio state troopers have found is arrested a notorious convicted teenage killer after he escaped from state prison. thomas t.j. lane made an unforgettable court appearance after killing three high school students in 2012. he revealed a shirt with the word killer on it and laughed and smiled as the victims' families described him as an
6:35 am
animal and monster. lane climbed a fence to escape but only made it about 100 yards before he was recaptured. a 1-year-old boy is recovering after he was accidentally shot in east oakland. it happened early yesterday afternoon on 77th avenue in the eastmont neighborhood. investigators say the boy was outside the home with family members when the gun went off. the child is in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police are still trying to determine who fired the gun and whether the gun was legally owned. and also dna analysis this morning and rabies test results are expected to be completed today on the male mountain lion wardens believe attacked a 6-year-old boy sunday. they forced the tree up the tree in cupertino not far from the original attack site. they say the mountain lion showed extremely aggressive behavior toward the wardens who were then forced to shoot and kill the animal. hiking trails remain closed
6:36 am
until the dna results prove they have the right mountain lion. walnut creek's new downtown parking system is leaving some paying customers with tickets rather than minutes on the meter. the problem is the in-ground sensors incalled last year. they wireless tell sidewalk meters if a car is in the spot and the meters react accordingly, however, some meters have proven too sensitive and can be tripped if a truck rolls by. that makes the meters reset to zero leaving a red light blinking indicating the car in the spot was not paid up. city officials say the too sensitive sensors are being recalibrated. a new firestorm over nfl star ray rice. new details have emerged about what happened. and nfl commissioner roger goodell is under fire as critics call for him to step down. our sister network espn reports rice told goodell on june 16th that he punched his then fiancee in an elevator. that contradicts goodell insistence that he did not know
6:37 am
the extent of the beating until tmz released the devastating video on monday. a hotel security staffer told espn when janay rice regained con,ness her first words were how can you do this to me? i'm the mother of your kid. ravens owner assumed before he saw the tape it was a drunken brawl. >> i will kind of speak for the league but i'm speaking about us as the ravens, that we sat back and let others do it. >> last night the ravens played their first game since they released rice defeating the steelers 26-6. it's 6:37. coming up next b.a.r.t. goes off track literally. now the transit agency admits the problem is worse than it thought. and thousands possibly millions stay up past midnight to preorder apple's hot new larger iphones but things don't go exactly as planned. we take you to break with abc 7 news now looking live at our shot of mt. diablo with the
6:38 am
sun rising painting the skies a light orange. on the small screen we've got maze in oakland, sfo and the golden gate bridge with some golden gate bridge with some clouds.
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at all right. we're back. coming up on 6:41 on this friday morning. thanks for joining us. central valley, palm springs, 100s. and partly sunny 72 in monterey
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but if you are heading to yosemite smoky and 97. and warmer than average in lake tahoe and a few high clouds saturday. and we've got a couple of football games. first one army and stanford got to bounce back after the tough loss. 82 strong sunshine and high clouds tomorrow down on the farm to 79. now, let's jump ahead to sunday. 1:25. we've got the texans in town to take on the raiders. 75 degrees down to 73 by 4:00. we'll start off hot, well, warm down at levi stadium at 5:30 at 82 but we'll drop down to about 68 by 9:00. sue? >> all right, thanks, mike. metering lights on the bay bridge toll plaza but if you stay to the left-hand side it looks like you have less of a wait here. commuter lane the, of course, getting by just fine. no delays on the upper deck as you make your way into the city. big problems if you are leaving petaluma, south 101 right lane blocked with an accident. last week it was the same location, too, so be extra cautious here and give yourself plenty of time.
6:42 am
over towards the pittsburg area westbound 4 before bailey three cars in the clearing phases there but also a grind as you make your way from antioch and things pick up and slow down against towards pittsburg. 6:42 and the pressure mounts for both the a's and giants. coming up a first look at this important baseball weekend for the bay area baseball fans. does it feel like your airline flight is always getting to your destination late? a just-released report shows if the problem is getting better or worse. and abc 7 news now a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza in the big picture. the smaller one the bridge itself. and 101 in the south bay and san jose and that last picture there showing you interstate 680 in the walnut creek area where traffic has picked up. traffic has picked up. we'll be right back.
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covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. this morning b.a.r.t. is revealing new details of what's causing so many b.a.r.t. trains to be pulled out of service. it turns out defective wheels are to blame. amy hollyfield is live at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. >> reporter: some passengers tell us it's unsettling to hear.
6:46 am
they started looking in to the problem when a wheel fell off a moving train here at the pleasant hills station. they discovered that they had 20 cars with defective wheels. the wheels on 13 cars have been fixed and put back into service. seven cars are still out and will be out for the next two weeks which means the trains will be more crowded. passengers say they're not surprised to hear about the wheel problems. they do get frustrated with issues on b.a.r.t. but they say it does make them a little nervous to hear about it. b.a.r.t. assistant general manager says this wheel issue is a serious problem. he's actually going to talk to the wheel supplier about possibly compensating b.a.r.t. he thinks the wheel company failed to properly cast the metal and inspect the product. this comes as b.a.r.t. is working on a rehabilitation project. they are pulling trains out every day to put new carpets in and new seats. new air-conditioning systems so there are fewer cars in service right now while ridership continues to go up.
6:47 am
reporting live in pleasant hill, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. new this morning apple's highly anticipated iphone 6 and 6 plus are now available for online preorders. but the midnight debut did not go off without a hitch. the apple store went down for two hours this morning. here's the message many customers saw when they try to place and preorder for a new phone. says we're busy apple storl store for you and will be back soon and other sites had hiccups likely due to overwhelming demand. 6:47. trading's under way on wall street so let's look at the big board and see what the early numbers look like. we saw the dow is off 53 points below 17,000 to 16,994. looks like airlines upped their game in july recording the most arrivals on schedule in a year. over 75% of all u.s. airlines arrived on time last month.
6:48 am
delta led the pack with over 86% of its flights touching down on time. hawaiian airlines was second. jetblue was last among reporting airlines with just 66% of flights arriving on time. tonight the giants open a huge weekend series against the rival los angeles dodgers at at&t park. >> the last time the two teams squared off in late july the dodgers swept the giants and have led the nl west ever since leaving town. this time the giants are coming into the series on a roll having won 12 of their last 15 and 9 in a row at home. yesterday the giants completed the series sweep of arizona closing to within two games of the dodgers with 16 games left to play. san francisco leads the wild card race by four games but wants to avoid a one-game play-off and they may still win the division. baumgardner is on the mound and first pitch is at 7:15. the a's open an important series of their own in seattle tonight with the pressure mounting.
6:49 am
oakland has lost 13 1/2 games in the standings in the past month and clinging to a one-game lead for the top wild card spot with only a game and a half separating the team with the mariners for the second spot. yesterday the a's' slide continued with a 1-0 loss to the white sox. and telling you yesterday afternoon we were appreciating the shady seats at the ballpark. it was hot, mike. >> a little warm in the sunshine. and that will be the case, not tonight. not the case tonight because it's going to be cool. because it's a night game but there will be day games this weekend and temperatures will be subsiding. if you are taking b.a.r.t. let me give you the temperatures at the station stations, until daly city at 55. oakland 59. san francisco, 58. here's a look, well, it was san jose 101 at 880 but now it's santa cruz. why not. temperature about 62 in the water there and it will be hazy with sunshine today. heat and unhealthy air it
6:50 am
lingers today but as the heat eases so will the poor air quality saturday through wednesday. so it's going to be a slow easing. no relief from the drought. no rain in the forecast. you can see how murky it is in the east bay hills. one of the areas with the worst air quality and i'll be tweeting it during the afternoon hours. if you have plans to be out this afternoon and evening follow me and i'll let you know where the poorest air quality is. it could also be in the santa clara valley like it was yesterday. and 100 in gilroy and cruz, 78, and 89 at san jose. mid to upper 80s on the peninsula today. and millbrae 79. we'll have mid to upper 60s along the coast. more sunshine downtown. south san francisco. sausalito, mid to upper 80s. 89 in metalupetaluma and 80 in richmond and 88 in castro valley and fremont and inland a scorcher mid to upper 90s.
6:51 am
speaking of the game tonight specifically 7:15 first pitch it will be 63. dropping down to about 61 degrees. and then as has been the case we'll have low clouds but also high clouds tonight so temperatures should be a couple degrees warmer tomorrow morning than they are this morning. here's your acuweather seven-day forecast. not looking like a spare the air day tomorrow. not as many cars on the road and hopefully not as much smock in the air. but we'll have high clouds and sunshine. we lose 2 to 4 degrees every day through wednesday. and have a great day. here's sue. yes, it is a spare the air day and mass transit a great way to get out of the car and off the roads and let the professionals do the driving. the toll plaza and right hand are cash paying folks and fast trackers are streaming through. this problem leaving petaluma bumper to bumper traffic an accident was blocking the lane and it is now out of the lane on
6:52 am
the shoulder. but it's going to take a bit for this to recuperate as you leave petaluma, so give yourself plenty of time. another accident westbound 4 three cars mixing it up at bailey. want to let you know that abc 7's new daytime line-up started this week. terry cruz is hosting the new season of "who wants to be a millionaire" and "jeopardy!" at 1:30, "general hospital" at 2:00 p.m. and then we're welcoming "rachael ray" to week-days at 3:00. and all morning long it's abc 7 news now. >> take a look now, weather and traffic will be up through the entire commercial break and back entire commercial break and back with seven things to know befo when la quield the ready for you alerield the ready for you alert, the second his room is ready. you know what he brings? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's! he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at!
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6:54. whether you are just joining us or heading out the door here are seven things to know today. number one, police are investigating an early morning homicide in san jose a woman around 40 years old and possibly homeless was found dead on the sidewalk near commercial street. they say some people walking by saw her and called 911. police have two people of interest in custody. number two, b.a.r.t. says it found flaws in the wheels on 20 trains following a recent inspection. the check was prompted after a train lost a wheel last month. b.a.r.t. believes the manufacturer failed to properly cast the metal in the defective wheels. seven cars are still out of service. number three breaking news a search is under way in the
6:55 am
pacific ocean for a pilot following the collision of two navy fa-18 fighter jets. a second pilot was rescued. the aircraft were operating from the "uss carl vinson" in an area off guam. both are based valley. oscar pistorius is out on bail. this morning the judge delivered the verdict similar to manslaughter. pistorius was originally charged with premeditated murder in the shooting death of reeva steenkamp. two more days to kick off for the first regular season game for the 49ers at levi stadium. the game against the bears is sold out. but you can find tickets online if you are willing to pay a 131% mark-up in some cases. average price is $309 with standing room only going for 165 bucks. good thing it's an evening game. starts at 82 degrees and will cool down to 69 by the end of the game.
6:56 am
number six we're tracking fog up north but as we head throughout the weekend fog will become less likely and we'll get more marine layer. the east anyway will have the poorest air quality, 89 to 99 inland. and 68 to 66 coast and san francisco and upper 70s, upper 80s around the bay. number seven taking a look at your san jose commute 280 northbound past the 17/880 overcrossing. we have an accident for you this is leaving petaluma south 101 just cleared the shoulder but the damage is done. and back to san jose we've got also an accident south 101 before 880, so it's a busy friday. not friday light unfortunately. >> sue, thank you very much. abc 7 news continues now online on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices. we will be back in 25 minutes with news, weather, and traffic during "good morning americ america". home you have a great day and a fantastic weekend. fantastic weekend.
6:57 am
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>> good morning, america. breaking overnight, oscar pistorius found guilty of manslaughter, not guilty of murder. the blade runner standing stone-faced as the judge read her verdict. headlines now screaming, "oscar's great escape." could he walk away without spending another night in jail? and it's a touchdown. >> the baltimore ravens taking the field for the first time since the shocking video of ray rice surfaced. the broadcast toned down. rihanna's theme song, pulled, amid new bombshell allegations that rice told the commissioner he punched his wife. and breaking overnight, a notorious school shooter breaks out of prison with two other inmates, the frantic manhunt for the 19-year-old killer after they scaled a fence. outraged parents demand answers. and a wild night for sarah palin and her mi


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